What is a Wearable Art Community?

It’s not enough to say we are a Wearable Art Group.  In fact, IT TAKES A COMMUNITY.  Ours  consists of makers, patrons, businesses, and professionals who support the ongoing education and support of the genre of wearable art.  We also love to own a beautiful piece of art-to-wear to complement any outfit!   Please thank and recognize these fabulous contributors to our work to date!


Founding members of the seARTS Wearable Art Group include Beth Williams, Camilla MacFadyen, Meredith Anderson, Susan Kenna, Lee Cunningham, Marlene Cann, et al  – many of whom worked hard on presenting the Holiday Shows and then launched the runway show.   Not all of these artisans are actively making work today, but we are thrilled for their involvement over the years.

We welcome all makers of wearable art into our group.   Our philosophy is to make this our show with each and every participant doing their share to make it a success.   Our events are run by small committees of volunteers, most of whom are seARTS members or wearable art lovers in our community.   seARTS membership is what allows us to continue under the umbrella of a well respected non-profit here on Cape Ann.  We encourage artists to join seARTS and help us build this group.  Many artists outside of Cape Ann have been part of our runway events and ALL are welcome to join seARTS and have their work promoted on our weekly eblast along with other benefits of membership.  For membership information, please visit seARTS.

Thank you to these Artist members of our seARTS Wearable Art Community!





Susan Hurst

Non-ProfIt Organizations

Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) Cape Ann is the core group that allowed us to prosper as a niche group of artists.  seARTS support and brand has been essential in seeding and growing the Wearable Art Groups’ initiatives.  seARTS is a incubator and nurturer of many fabulous ideas.  The very small seARTS team has been in synch with wearable art from day one!


For many years, the Sawyer Free Library was our venue for the Holiday Show and for all those years and the personal involvement of the Library directors and staff, we would like to acknowledge them as part of our community.


Bass Rocks Golf Club and its general manager, Peter Hood have been supportive from CWA’s inception.  With no knowledge of what was to come, they hosted CWAI and watched as we turned the place upside down.


The Cape Ann Museum came on board as a community partner in 2015 – granting us a program on its schedule in the week after the runway show.  This was an excellent launch of this collaboration and it will be continued in 2017 with a program in September.  The CAM has an amazing collection  of work from the Folly Cove Designers.  In essence, one could argue, they were the first artists to make wearable goods on Cape Ann!


Cape Ann TV produced an incredible video of our 2015 Show which allowed wearable art to spread throughout the community!


Cape Ann Center for Dance came on board in 2015 to offer their young dancers to be models in the show.  They were amazing and will be part of our ongoing collaboration.


Creative Businesses & Individuals:

It is impossible to produce a runway event without the right players on your side.   We are lucky to have the VERY BEST creative talent supporting our efforts:

  • Deborah Coull Salon has produced hair and make up artistry for CWA I, II, and III.  We are indebted to her amazing team.
  • Clark Linehan Photography  Clark has created a photo journey of every single wearable art event since the first runway show in 2011.
  • Linda Stockman Graphic Design  Linda’s dedication has provided support to nearly ALL the seARTS benefits since 2009.   She has produced all the design materials for CWA II, III, and IV.
  • Edie Freeman Creative Services  Edie was instrumental in producing our marketing materials in 2011, the launch year of CWA!
  • Steve Aveson Professional Emcee  While at NECN network in Boston, Steve served as our Emcee in 2011, 2013, and 2015!  We love Steve.
  • Martha Sutyak Stylist and owner of Smartly Staged  redesigned our runway in 2015 and the show simply cannot go on without her curatorial talents!
  • Cruiseport Gloucester Now an institution in Gloucester, the runway show would not be possible without this elegant venue.  The staff has been gracious and accommodating – allowing us time for rehearsals, storage space, and the chance to grow.
  • CWA Committee Members  Each and every committee member and volunteer has played an essential role in creating Celebrate Wearable Art.  The list is long, but they are part of our community.   Please refer to the various PROGRAMS by year,  for lists of individuals who helped at each show.