Krista Duhaime | Creates work through a unique lens

Focal Jewelry Designs started with a small curiosity of the inner workings of old film cameras and has evolved into a full jewelry business. After an unfortunate fall on my camera lens while hiking with friends, I took it apart to see what was inside. The parts were more beautiful than I could have imagined and I thought it would make interesting jewelry. After many unsatisfying attempts of making jewelry without any training, I sought out a soldering course through a local community arts organization (Sharon Arts Center). This provided the tools to bring the designs I had in my mind to life. My method of designing the jewelry is to strip each camera part down into its most simple form and then design from that point. This creates a truly unique design and does not rely on the complexity of the camera for the beauty. I love the challenge of each piece and how the project had evolved over time.

Krista is showing her work with the seARTS Wearable Art Group for the first time!  Join us in welcoming her the weekend of April 26-28th.   Tickets for opening night are available in advance. Register here.