Celebrate Wearable Art IV: A Runway Full of Surprises, Delights, & Wardrobe “Must Haves!”

Celebrate Wearable Art IV: A Runway Full of Surprises, Delights, & Wardrobe “Must Haves!”

The Celebrate Wearable Art runway is a highly imaginative place.  Artists conceive their pieces and then start to work for two full years – most do not reach completion until a few days before rehearsal.  Even most of us “insiders” are completely surprised the day of the show.   This is one of those rare occasions where you can “dream something up just for the sake of dreaming it up” in the words of our Chief Curator, Martha Sutyak.

Models and Artists gather at the Charles Fine Art Gallery to prepare for the Auction photo shoot!

But there’s so much more to the story.  In fact, so many unfold through the creation of a piece of wearable art.  The luminescence cast by CWAIV lasts for two years…or more.  Many who loved the show in 2015 were ready and waiting for 2017!   Whether it’s your first time or 4th, you will see that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of volunteer hours from people working behind the scenes that come together to create this extravaganza!

We invite you to experience the beauty, the fun, the wonderful room full of people dedicated to raising the bar for their “craft” whatever it may be and those who support and wear “us.”   Here are some snippets to entice you…..direct from the artists’ applications!

  • This is a mythical, fantasy evening dress made from braided hair, craft foam and tinsel pipe cleaners….this piece exhibits the mystery of nature by the use of braid patterns and tinsel to mimic the waves and shimmer of the ocean on a moonlit night.
  • Our piece will be a casual evening dress. Form fitted, classical lines of mixed materials: primarily wire, polymers and natural fibers. The intent of this art piece will convey the expression of her secrets and be comfortably worn, day or night.
  • My look is called Obsolescence. I’ve become fascinated with things that aren’t used any more….
  • I am continually inspired by Cape Ann, its history, personality, and beauty. I intend to make a small collection that can portray this, while still capturing a modern ready to wear aesthetic.
  • This piece is an homage to the women of the 50’s who dressed to entertain in their home….. When you look at it, you will see it looks like lace!  [but it’s far from it….]
  • My idea is inspired by Venus on the Half Shell……
  • My garment will be made from luxurious Hand-painted Silks, depicting actual locations in space, and much more…
  • My entry will speak to The layers of me and to the nature of the world… people and nature alike……
  • The gown will reflect my idea about the inequality of power and money in the world…..
  • I create red carpet, bridal and runway fashion from recycled and unusual materials…
  • I am creating a garden themed ball gown….
  • Menswear!  Some of it restyled shirts with artful inserts of different textiles.   Most of it interesting clothes for men to embrace…..
Jen Greeke watching as her piece for the auction gets photographed for the Gloucester Daily Times.

This show is never the same from one event to the next.  This year’s special feature is a Silent Auction that will feature up to pieces that which will be modeled during the Marketplace hours 2-3:45PM.   The entries are from Jen Greeke, Christine Gauthier Kelley, Allison Charles, Barbara Poole, and more to come!  Check them out in Thursday’s Gloucester Daily Times!