Why “Wearable Art” – is it for me? And other FAQ’s about CWAIV…..

Why “Wearable Art” – is it for me? And other FAQ’s about CWAIV, by Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

As we approach October 1 – yes, just two months from today, I want to share some thoughts about how and why Celebrate Wearable Art came about and what’s at the core from different perspectives. What’s all the fuss about? As an organizer, I wasn’t looking to create “just another event” for Cape Ann. We wanted something spectacular. Ultimately, we want people to visit and stay here to experience the very best Wearable Art, the way you may head to Sedona to experience nature’s art! We wanted something that no one has claimed wholly so that we can gather the best group of “makers” in this space in one room and bring them HERE.  Why should we have to travel the world to share our work when we live in this beautiful art destination? So here are some things to consider as a “maker” or a “lover” or simply just to satisfy your intellectual curiosity or insatiable appetite for creativity!

The Maker-Founders: As a small group of artists, creating hand-made one-of-a-kind art-to-wear, we had tried the usual means to sell our work. But we needed to raise the bar and reach new audiences. We also wanted our work to come to life. Putting on a beautiful piece of jewelry or clothing – or a colorful hat is a completely different experience that looking at it on a rack or online! Artistic expression on the human form is the epicenter of wearable art. We wanted to celebrate and share that experience!

All Creatives: Not everyone makes their art-to-wear. But for all creative minds, finding a new way to express creativity is a lifelong quest. With a runway show, exhibit, or performance – painters, woodworkers, florists, interior designers – all creatives – have the chance to express themselves in 3-D terms on the most challenging of all forms, the human body. CWA gives everyone a chance. Emerging artists and students are among the most engaged as they are not bound by any artistic forms. In this show, we are particularly pleased to have a significant student population involved. We encourage all makers and creatives to think about how they can make a piece of wearable art. It’s only $35 to apply, free for seARTS members to apply, and free for students, so why not? The deadline is August 15th and all you need is a concept and be ready for REHEARSAL on September 27th.

The Experience Seekers: Quite simply, it’s fun. It’s mind-expanding. It’s all about the surprises, the reactions, and hearing about how the garments were conceived and made. A little glitz thrown in, but mostly each piece is an experience in and of itself. All types of people – all ages – walks of life can enjoy wearable art. Our educational track with the Cape Ann Museum on September 7th brings together an expert panel to provide a more comprehensive back drop to the entire community of wearable art and fashion. CWAIV is also a great networking event. We have an amazing committee that has reached into the depths of their own networks to build a following for the last 11 years. So if you want to hang out with the “in crowd” – you will find them here! Not a coincidence that CWAIV is the FIRST day of Boston Fashion Week. It all starts here on Cape Ann.

Patrons of the Art & Shoppers: It’s your show. At a minimum, you will be supporting seARTS, the arts collaboration and incubator for great art experiences. As importantly, you can show support for the beautiful things being made in your backyard. AND you can stand out at your next fabulous event – wedding, fundraiser, party – own something that no one else owns. Can’t be there – would love to associate with the event? You can sponsor an artist award under your name or business. For this contact me directly.

Extras: Oh yes! Want to try your hand at modeling? Or have offspring that should be? Our models are mostly from the community. Most clothing is size 0-4. Yep, that’s just the way it is. But for those that are not shy on the runway, dancers with lovely struts – it’s a fun way to test your metal.
Questions: Best always to reach out to Clare at seARTS Visit WearableArt.org to be inspired and to sign up!