Celebrate Wearable Art IV welcomes Syron-Bishoff Designs!

Studio of Bonnie Bishoff & J.M. Syron in Brunswick ME.

2017 is our 30th year of collaboration between Bonnie Bishoff and myself, JM Syron. We started our road as collaborative makers crafting Seminole Indian patchwork hand bags and ethnic field clothes. Since then we have also made furniture, vessels, boxes, lighting, sculptures, paintings and jewelry. We have made all of these objects as art and also as product, and we have wrestled with what makes an object art or not.

Whether or not an object has a function –   Art must be magic, or it’s merchandise.

It is our great pleasure to present a new wearable art project this October 1st on the seARTS runway. Coming back to clothing after 30 years of art dreams has been very exciting.

I’ve attached photos of our new sewing studio addition, and of our polymer, metal and wood studios as well. Over the next three months I’ll present notes and photos of the project in process, up to the runway in October.

The working title of the project is – “ change your outfit – change your attitude “

The goal of Art in this project is to create the desire for change and growth of the dynamics between women and men. These conversations between us are at the core of our culture, our myths of god and the hereafter, and our moment in time.

I hope our narrative will inspire you to follow wearable arts here at seARTS.

There are several pieces in the collection and I will keep as much as possible viewable as it blooms into October. I can’t give you the motivations and inspirations for the project all at once, because they are the core of creativity that must reveal or materialize through the work process itself. We want you to “ Have To “ see the final work to experience the thoughts and feelings.

Having had our jewelry on Camilla McFadden’s wonderful silk dresses at previous seARTS shows, reminded us of the power of fashion. We hope that our project will add to this growing North Shore tradition.