Meet Sonja Grondstra for her Celebrate Wearable Art debut!

Sonja Grondstra gathers beach glass from the shores of New England. She is drawn by the unique shapes and soothing colors of the glass that has been tossed and tumbled along the rocky coast for many years. Sonja selects pieces of beach and complementary glass and sets them into intricate and creative designed necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other fine jewelry. The glass is hand bezel-set in sterling silver or gold, accompanied by pearls and semi-precious stones. On occasion she includes beautiful pieces of beach pottery or beach rock into her designs. Her signature series is called “Oceans Apart”, dedicated to her family and friends across the seas. Today, in addition to using natural beach glass, the line has evolved into an augmentation of the glass by shaping, fusing and coloring; this has opened up an endless color and design palette. Sonja’s work is contemporary, one of a kind jewelry inspired by Mother Nature, if it were not for the collecting of beach glass she would not have been inspired to have the jewelry career that she has today. Recently, Sonja has begun to cast seaweed into silver pieces, incorporating the new ocean element into her designs. A collection to continue!!! Sonja attended the Celebrate Wearable Art Salon last October and was inspired to create something special for the CWA runway!