My Clothes, My Art

My Clothes, My Art  (appearing in North Shore Magazine online March 2017)

The tenth anniversary “Celebrate Wearable Art” exhibit is slated for Sunday, October 1, at Cruiseport Gloucester.

You can’t look at Rick Crangle’s dress without seeing a woodland sprite dressed in a gown for the moonlit ball. Or maybe she is a willowy young tree, transformed into human form so that she can dance with King Oberon.

Crangle, a Gloucester wood sculptor and architectural specialist, made a classically proportioned ball gown with a halter-top, full princess skirt and a chic bit of midriff-baring flash. Here’s the thing: the halter and top are elaborately pieced together from carved pieces of bloodwood. A little overskirt of carved feathers flows over a floor-length skirt of cascading ebonized cherry tiles. To make it…..Read on……