Awed by WOW! Grateful to the PEM for their support.

seARTS Artists and wearable art lovers showed fabulous support at the various opening events last week…..

If the seARTS Wearable Art Group had one wish to be granted, it would be to have an all expense paid trip to New Zealand to see the World of Wearable Art Competition in person.  It’s the “Olympics” of wearable art and the model that inspired our local group to launch Celebrate Wearable Art.  Thanks to the visionary curators of the Peabody-Essex Museum, we did indeed get the next best opportunity, the “WOW” exhibit from the permanent collection right in our backyard, from now until June 11.   And even more exciting, the chance to collaborate with the PEM and showcase some of our seARTS artists during the opening ceremonies (since we are in Olympic mode!).    Among these, our Best of Show, Rick Crangle, Camilla MacFadyen, and Donna Caselden.   We got to know some of the award winners in person through the events held Friday and Saturday.  Our very own Lorene Ireland, who generously entered Celebrate Wearable Art in 2013 & 2015 showed several amazing shell and mosaic pieces on lovely models provided by WSM Talent from Newburyport.  A shout out and thank you to Darlene and to Lorene who made the trip from Arizona to be with us!

We encourage anyone that already loves wearable art or is simply curious about the “buzz” to engage with this fun and imaginative exhibit.  Beside the incredible uber life size designs made from every substance imaginable, don’t miss the outrageous display of brassieres in the far corner of the room.  Be sure to watch the full video of the competition in New Zealand – celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018.  Roadtrip?